Allied Universal/Holiday Isle Security is on duty on the isle 7 evenings a week.   Security hours increase during Spring Break and the 100 days of Summer, and are decreased during the slower winter season.  You can reach the Security Officer when on duty by dialing (850)-830-7000; if the phone is not answered (either due to the officer on duty being busy, or because your call is outside of the shift hours for the day) please contact the Association Manager at 850-830-0714. The security phone is a cell phone, it is the property of the Association, and security carries it while on duty on Holiday Isle. You can also call the Sheriff’s office at (850)-651-7400, or 911 in case of emergency.

Holiday Isle is also a member of the Neighborhood Watch Program. Report any irregularities to the Sheriff’s Department at the above numbers.


Allied Universal/Holiday Isle Security: 850-830-7000

HIIA Association Manager: 850-830-0714

Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office: ( 850 ) 651-7400 or 911 in case of emergency