You have likely received your Revitalization Packet in the mail, and have questions. 

The entire packet may be overwhelming to review, and we also know that some people would prefer to view everything in a digital format.  Below you will find the individual components of the packet, posted in the order that they can be found in the packet; the full packet is also provided exactly as it was printed and mailed to the association membership.     

We know that some owners/lessees will require additional Consent Forms to accommodate signatures from all named individuals on a property, especially if owners live in different locations and are unable to affix signatures to one form.  Please print additional Consent Forms as necessary; we also have additional Consent Forms available at our office, and several condo associations on Holiday Isle have stated that Consent Forms will be available at their properties as well.

You can find Frequently Asked Questions here: Revitalization FAQ

If you did not find the answer to a question that you have, please contact a member of the Organizing Committee:

  • Melody Ziegler                   850-420-8243
  • Roger Bailey                      614-254-3585
  • Michael Catanese              850-259-0228

We will be sending updates on the Revitalization process via email; if you haven’t done so already, and would like to get email updates, please send a message to to request that your email address is added to our database.